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Our farmer-owned data capture partner, Verdova, specializes in simplifying data sharing for row-crop producers. With a laser focus on helping farmers monetize their data, the Verdova team makes sharing your relevant farm management data as simple as answering a phone call.

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In the time it takes to drive to town for a cup of coffee, Verdova can help you connect a farm management software system and begin to score CI.

County-by-County Corn Carbon Intensity

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The Farm Data Sharing Expert

The grower-led farm data capture and sharing solution the industry needs. Built by farmers, for farmers, to help them represent and monetize their granular field-level data.

Frequently Asked Questions by Farmers

With Verdova and CI Scoring, who owns and controls my data?

The grower maintains full control of their management data. Data is only shared with the consent of the grower. And growers are given the opportunity to opt-in to any “data deal” with the terms and use of data specified up-front, so they can make an informed decision on whether they want their data shared.

How long does it take to enroll and share data?

The average onboarding call takes less than 30 minutes and Verdova will spend the next few days cleaning and filtering data.

What data exactly is being shared for CI Scoring?

The top management data tying back to a CI score is nitrogen use/rate/form, yield and moisture, planting location, chemical usage, fertilizer use, tillage, and energy use associated with management practices.

Who is Verdova?

Verdova is a farmer-data cooperative. Founded by Illinois corn and soybean farmers, the mission of the Verdova organization is to help farmers monetize their data and make the process for sharing simple. Want to learn more? The team at Verdova is only a phone-call away.

Where is my data kept?

Verdova maintains a private server where all data is securely and privately stored.

What in my data set is shared with an ethanol plant?

With Verdova, the farmer is—and always will be—the owner of the data. As such, you control what does and does not get shared from a data set. Of your source data and supporting documentation, only the CI score for a field/operation is essential to be shared with a biofuel plant.

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