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With carbon intensity scoring at your fingertips, our software unlocks your ability to better differentiate your products and capture low-carbon revenue opportunities.
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Our suite of biofuel-focused software allows producers to understand their unique carbon intensity scores in real time, maximize their access to low-carbon marketplaces, and optimize their operations to fully recognize CI-driven incentives and tax credits. With's customized visualization and analytics tools, fuel producers are able to better understand the intricacies of their emissions profile, paving the way for plant managers to take action, improve scores, and increase revenue.

Ethanol Plant X wanted to understand the degree to which their CI score would change with onsite generation of renewable electricity. With's electric utility data capture and analysis of local gridmixes, Ethanol plant X was able to realize a 13% improvement in their ethanol CI scoring

Ethanol Plant X | Illinois
Grain bin.

With the carbon intensity scoring system, commercial grain aggregators, commodity managers, and merchandisers are able to understand the unique CI scores associated with the commodities they procure and sell. and its partners tackle the complex process of on-farm data capture, accurate CI scoring, and traceability, allowing grain professionals to focus on maximizing the value of their commodities.

Commercial elevator X needed a solution to more accurately score the CI of the bushels they sourced that did not have unique production data associated with a farmer-delivery.'s county-level feedstock scoring option allowed Elevator X to differentiate bushels with nothing more than a farmer's field address.

Commercial Elevator X | Illinois
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For agricultural processors and suppliers seeking to further differentiate—and add value to—the commodities they source and products they produce,'s carbon intensity scoring system adapts to the unique supplier network and downstream customer base of an individual client. From oilseeds to livestock, rice production to permanent crops, delivers accurate carbon intensity scores which enable your network to better communicate its stewardship story and access new revenue opportunities.

Meatpacker X was seeking an scaleable solution to quantify the unique herd management and stewardship practices of their livestock suppliers in order to support a value-add sustainability label. With's tailored CI scoring system, Meatpacker X was able to build a customized pilot project which fit their unique operations and data capture capabilities while highlighting their stewardship efforts.

Meatpacker X | Minnesota

Software for Agribusiness

Take Control of your Score

Whether you're seeking out your first carbon intensity score to establish a baseline or a scoring veteran looking to optimize operations around CI, delivers the technology solutions you need to turn complex data into compelling insights, all at a cadence which best fits your unique operations.

Fuel CI Score
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Ethanol Plant
South Dakota

Source Low-CI Grain

Empowering the grain-aggregation arm of your business with the capabilities and insights you need capture data, score CI, and recognize the impact of an individual low-CI bushel in your life-cycle emission score. With, selective sourcing of low-carbon feedstocks are just a few clicks away.

Feedstock CI Score


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Commercial Grain Cooperative

Unlock New Revenue

Helping clients make CI one of their most valuable operating metrics. Our system allows customers to access tax credits and low-carbon incentives with confidence. Whether it's IRA credits, LCFS premiums, CFR traceability, we put
you in control of your low-carbon revenue potential.

Low Carbon Fuel Premium


Biofuel Producer

From farm to fuel pump

Helping producers turn emissions into income

Take Control of your Fuel Score

With's suite of customized digital solutions, an agribusiness is empowered to turn measurement into action. Executive stakeholders are given tailored insights from high level consumption summaries to granular emissions breakdowns, allowing them to fully understand their low-carbon revenue opportunities.

Carbon Intensity Monthly Breakdown Report

Individualized Feedstock CI Reporting

Your entire supplier network's CI scores are just one click away with individualized feedstock scoring and analytics. and its partners make communicating CI scores back to your suppliers simple, intuitive, and personalized with tailored insights and prescriptive recommendations.

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Operation Average CI
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Ogle County average 28.2

Unparalleled Farmgate Insights

With farm-data sharing partner Verdova's industry leading farm data sharing capabilities and's granular CI scoring and visualizations, commodity managers and grain aggregators can understand the emissions of the feedstocks they source with unparalleled granularity.

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Founded by Farmers

Our team is founded by farmers and led by agronomists, engineers, ag-professionals, and data scientists. The team is proud to be exclusively based in the midwest and committed to helping our local communities fully realize the low-carbon potential of the products we raise and refine.

Our Mission

To raise the standard for what our soil, seeds, and sweat can produce.

What We Do

Making Data Sharing Simple

Our automated solutions allow clients to share data in a format that fits their team and timetable. The last thing any executive wants is another report to fill out, email to send, or system to understand. At, we tailor our data capture process to YOUR systems. Allowing CI scoring to take place with minimal disruption to your day to day.

What We Do

Customized Carbon Intensity Scoring

What's in a CI score? A measurement is meaningless unless it has the insights and action to accompany it.
Every client is unique. So every client's challenges and opportunities related to CI will be as unique as they are. Our team guides your stakeholders with the tailored insights and analytics you require to conquer today's biggest questions.

What We Do

Unlock farm-level insights

We streamline and simplify the process for feedstock producers to share their CI scores, and for fuel producers to understand the impact of those scores. With the help of our farm-data capture partner Verdova, our clients are empowered to access their entire supplier network's CI scores directly, while ensuring that customers control their own data.

Our Partners

We're only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. Thats why we've partnered with exceptional industry leaders, innovators, and experts that help our customers fully realize their low-carbon potential.
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From consulting, to accounting, to ERP software, to tax services and much more. If there is a problem to solve, the industry-leading team of experts at Christianson can help our customers solve it.

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The grower-led farm data capture and sharing solution the industry needs. Built by farmers, for farmers, to help them represent and monetize their granular field-level data.

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A leader in enterprise-level emissions tracking. Providing actionable, 24/7 data to help clients measure, report and reduce emissions with unparalleled accuracy
and granularity.

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